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On 28/11/2013 20:05, Bill Unruh wrote:
On Thu, 28 Nov 2013, Tomalak Geret'kal wrote:

On 28/11/2013 19:11, Bill Unruh wrote:
 Is this the nmea time or the PPS time?

What is "PPS time"? PPS provides timing, not time.

In my nomenclature, they are the same. PPS does supply time but just the fractional seconds part of it. (Just as ntp supplies time by only the fractional "centuries" part of it-- You probably would not argue that ntp does not supply
time just the timing.)

It probably comes from the traditional notion of time as something useful to humans, i.e. something down to minutes or seconds at least but up to hours or days/months/years.

In the commercial world of timing sync (e.g. telecoms networks) we say timing vs time to differentiate the two, and do not allow sub-second timing to count as any indication of absolute "time", but I concede your point.


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