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The pps can only give you when the second turnover occurs, it cannot tell you
which second that is. That MUST be given by some other time source, which
could be the nmea sentences from the gps or by some other source. The problem
with the nmea is that it is usually late. Late by something like .5 to 1 sec.
But chrony must be confident that the system time is within less than .5 sec
of the real time before it will trust the PPS. source. Now, it looks to me on
a very quick look that this is not happening for some reason, and so that pps
data is being rejected.

 I have not looked at Miroslav's code to figure out exactly what is being
reported, so am not at allconfident I am reading it properly.

On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Battocchi, Scott L. wrote:

Thanks for the modified source,  I've recompiled it with --enable-trace and do indeed get a lot more information.
I modified the original chrony.conf to drop the external gps (GPSe/PPSe) since they were generating a lot of sample ignored trace messages (no valid fix and no updating pps), so the reports below are with only the GPSi/PPSi sources active in the configuration.

I've tried to copy key portions of the run below to avoid attaching the 5MB trace log, I'm open to other methods of sharing the whole log if there is interest.  I have attached the tracking.log since it shows when PPS was available compared to the long periods where GPS was active (and the PPS was coming into /dev/pps1).  It looks like the pulse is ignored when offdiff is relatively large (>0.2?), but that the offdiff steps very quickly between valid and invalid.  It is also possible I'm interpreting the pulse handling completely incorrectly.

Starting the modified chrony all appears well for a while but within a couple of minutes most of the PPS pulses are ignored.  PPS goes in and out of being ignored for the next ~5 minutes before disappearing for another 90 minutes.  After that brief recovery, it is ignored for the rest of the run:
:~/chronytrace# ./chrony [Jd -d
main.c:355:(main)[26-18:00:28] chronyd version DEVELOPMENT starting
sys_linux.c:1022:(get_version_specific_details)[26-18:00:28] Linux kernel major=3 minor=3 patch=0
sys_linux.c:1080:(get_version_specific_details)[26-18:00:28] hz=100 shift_hz=7 freq_scale=1.00000000 nominal_tick=10000 slew_delta_tick=833 max_tick_bias=1000 shift_pll=2
local.c:565:(lcl_RegisterSystemDrivers)[26-18:00:28] Local freq=297.043ppm
refclock.c:253:(RCL_AddRefclock)[26-18:00:28] refclock PPS added poll=4 dpoll=0 filter=16
refclock.c:253:(RCL_AddRefclock)[26-18:00:28] refclock SHM added poll=4 dpoll=0 filter=16
reference.c:194:(REF_Initialise)[26-18:00:28] Initial frequency 297.043 ppm
sources.c:331:(SRC_SetSelectable)[26-18:00:28] PPSi
sources.c:331:(SRC_SetSelectable)[26-18:00:28] GPSi
refclock.c:416:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:28] refclock pulse ignored no ref sample
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:28] filter sample 0 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:28.080062 offset=1.059937008 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:440:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:29] refclock pulse ignored offdiff=-0.459021095 refdisp=0.000003000 disp=0.000002001
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:29] filter sample 1 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:29.060753 offset=1.079246196 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:440:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:30] refclock pulse ignored offdiff=-0.440026443 refdisp=0.000003000 disp=0.000002001
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:30] filter sample 2 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:30.076668 offset=1.063331638 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:440:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:31] refclock pulse ignored offdiff=-0.456248500 refdisp=0.000003000 disp=0.000002001
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:31] filter sample 3 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:31.121044 offset=1.018955039 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:440:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:32] refclock pulse ignored offdiff=0.499073485 refdisp=0.000003000 disp=0.000002001
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:32] filter sample 4 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:32.121227 offset=1.018772016 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:440:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:33] refclock pulse ignored offdiff=0.498576090 refdisp=0.000003000 disp=0.000002001
refclock.c:687:(filter_add_sample)[26-18:00:33] filter sample 5 t=Tue 11/26/13 18:00:32.702642 offset=1.437357065 dispersion=0.000003000
refclock.c:447:(RCL_AddPulse)[26-18:00:34] refclock pulse second=0.479480414 offset=1.520519586 offdiff=-0.083162521 samplediff=0.776838000

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