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On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 06:50:01PM -0500, Battocchi, Scott L. wrote:
> I've recently cross-compiled chrony-0308330 to run on our armv5 platform and it seems to silently/selectively ignore our PPS source even when it is present.  Currently all testing is being done with our cheap receiver (GPSi/PPSi below).   After ~hours I get a handful of entries into the refclocks.log for the PPSi source, but no mention on the console that the source is or is not present.  Right this instant we are getting updates to /sys/class/pps/pps1/assert every second but chronyc sources shows the LastRX as 26 minutes ago.
> Is there a way to enable more verbose debugging of the chrony source selection/rejection process so that I can see why it is rejecting what look to be good PPS updates?  I'm happy to provide more information, logs, or compile options as necessary.

The configuration looks good. A similar setup works fine here
(although I've only one GPS).

There are a number of places where the PPS sample can be dropped. I've
added some new trace messages to help us see what's going on. Can you
please pull from git, run configure with --enable-trace, recompile and
see what refclock messages do you get?

Miroslav Lichvar

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