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On 21/08/2012 22:58, Bill Unruh wrote:
I'm afraid I may not have made clear the context of the above `chronyc sources` output, which was only to demonstrate what happens after a while when I don't have "noselect" on the GPS source and the GPS source has been selected by chrony after a "no majority" message is output to syslog. I guess it just stops caring about the PPS in this situation.

It should not do that. Sounds like a bug in chrony.
Is there anything further I can provide to help track down and/or file the bug? I think I've passed on everything I know about this condition so far. I realise that you are having to take my word for it that the PPS and SHM sources are both good, which is not ideal from your standpoint. There's nothing I can do about that though.

With my config fixed, I get the following consistently:

[sw200319 /root]# chronyc sources
210 Number of sources = 2
MS Name/IP address Stratum Poll LastRx Last sample
#* PPS0 0 4 17 +105ns[ +165ns] +/- 130ns
#? GPS 0 3 12 +4668us[+4668us] +/- 64ms

Yes, that looks fine. I am surprized that the nmea is only out by 4ms.

Well the receiver's NMEA output is UTC-aligned, the serial bus is quiet, the software that parses the NMEA and populates the SHM runs at a high priority with a more-or-less constant workload, and my "delay" flag is fairly well-chosen.

It does vary up to 20ms or so, though — the above output caught it at a good moment :)


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