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On 21/08/2012 19:35, Bill Unruh wrote:
On Tue, 21 Aug 2012, Tomalak Geret'kal wrote:

On 21/08/2012 16:31, Bill Unruh wrote:
> > The SHM is fed by a known-good process that works with ntpd and also > here

 Is it a secret which program you use?
No, it's not a secret, but it's in-house so you won't have heard of it. The code is pretty much extracted straight from gpsd, though - there's nothing unusual in it. I can show source if required, though I'd rather not...

OK. Are you sure it is actually treating the shm properly?
Pretty much. At least I can't see any reason it wouldn't and have not seen any indication that it isn't.

Are you getting better than 43 min between readings of the PPS

Yep, LastRx floats between 10 and 20 or so.

I'm afraid I may not have made clear the context of the above `chronyc sources` output, which was only to demonstrate what happens after a while when I don't have "noselect" on the GPS source and the GPS source has been selected by chrony after a "no majority" message is output to syslog. I guess it just stops caring about the PPS in this situation.

With my config fixed, I get the following consistently:

[sw200319 /root]# chronyc sources
210 Number of sources = 2
MS Name/IP address           Stratum Poll LastRx Last sample
#* PPS0 0 4 17 +105ns[ +165ns] +/- 130ns #? GPS 0 3 12 +4668us[+4668us] +/- 64ms

with only sane variances.


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