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Sorry cannot say, but there is a manual adjtimex program under linux
( man 8 adjtimex)
which you could try running and see if you get some error messages.

Also the system call adjtimex sets errno, and you should be able to get more
info out of it. I cannot remember if chrony actually reports the error but apparently not.

On Mon, 20 Aug 2012, Tomalak Geret'kal wrote:


I'm replacing ntpd with chronyd on a busybox-driven Linux 2.6.21 ARM device that takes time from a local GPS receiver with PPS and/or remote NTP servers. We've never been able to get ntpd working with the ATOM PPS driver and we have some fiddly time-step requirements that led us to decide that a timepps-enabled chrony build would be more suitable for our needs.

But, after an hour or so of lovely NMEA and PPS -steered time, for reasons unknown I'm no longer able to get chrony to even run.

So it worked for a while and then stopped working? Hm sounds like chrony
suddenly asked for too large a correction for some reason. Sounds like a bug.

In the syslog:

Aug 20 17:32:50 sw200319 chronyd[2186]: chronyd version 1.26 starting Aug 20 17:32:50 sw200319 chronyd[2186]: Linux kernel major=2 minor=6 patch=21 Aug 20 17:32:50 sw200319 chronyd[2186]: hz=100 shift_hz=7 freq_scale=0.99902439 nominal_tick=10000 slew_delta_tick=833 max_tick_bias=1000 Aug 20 17:32:50 sw200319 daemon.crit chronyd[2186]: Fatal error : adjtimex() failed

(are you sure you did not truncate this error message-- ah no, in 1.26 all of
the explanations of why adjtimex failed were removed. Not terribly helpful.

You could go into sys_linux.c and put in the failure messages again so you
would know why it failed.

I read that adjtimex() can fail when the HZ and SHIFT_HZ values are

No use guessing. find out why it failed.

incorrect, but I checked the source for our kernel and in it HZ is set at100. I tried "linux_hz 1000" for good measure, with no effect.

I power-cycled the device, with no effect.

My config:

refclock PPS /dev/pps0 lock GPS
refclock SHM 0 offset 0.5 delay 0.1 refid GPS
keyfile /etc/chrony.keys
commandkey 1
driftfile /etc/chrony.drift

and removing more or less any of these entries doesn't appear to make a difference.

What else might I be missing?

Best regards

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