Re: [chrony-users] AW: chronyc: Update by "trimrtc" not refelected in rtcfile ?

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On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 11:59:03AM +0000, thomas.schmid@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > The result was that the system time was abruptly corrected by 3608s
> > into the future,
> > which of crashed my special application.
> > 
> > Don't I use trimrtc correctly ? Did I miss something ?
> It does this even when I perform the same steps manually in chronyc:
> 1. issue "password <pw>"
> 2. issue "trimrtc"
> 3. wait 5s
> 4. issue "writertc"
> 5. Stop chronyd by SIGTERM

This is a bug in chrony. The after trim rapid measurement takes 8
seconds. After only 5 seconds chrony still has the old coefficients
which are invalid at that point. Probably the only thing we can do is
to set the offset to 0, as you did manually in the workaround. I'll
look into it.

In any case, I'd suggest you to make the wait longer so the after trim
offset measurement can finish.

Thanks for the report.

BTW, writertc is done automatically when chronyd is stopped by

Miroslav Lichvar

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