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> The ntp people have stated that they do not want anything but ntpd on the
> pool, and that they have ways of finding out if you are not ntpd. (ntpq?)
> Whether or not they actually adhere to that I do not know.

You have told me that before, but I fall into the stubborn group of
those who will persist until told otherwise...

I haven't yet submitted anything to the pool, but I will offer feedback
on the response after I do so...

Obviously please help test that I don't fail at the first hurdle by
submitting something unreliable...

>> At the moment it's synced to some other public UK servers and doesn't
>> have a GPS or any other reason to believe it's unerringly accurate.
> So it is stratum 3 or 4?

I'm slightly mis-using a stratum 1 server and tracking about 9 other
servers of various stratum.  The stratum 1 in question offers access to
any pool server, so I hope that I'm entirely abusing that given that
this is the end goal...

On a related note I am also hoping to add two GPS powered stratum 1
servers at some later stage. This hinges on getting permission from my
data center to use their roof, so there is some way to go yet

Kind regards

Ed W

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