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On Wed, 13 Jul 2011, Ed W wrote:

Hi, I have made available a public server with dns name:
	(at some point there will be a matched pair: ntp2.)

I want to give it a bit of a workout with a view to adding it to the
public ntp pool (if they will take it)

The ntp people have stated that they do not want anything but ntpd on the
pool, and that they have ways of finding out if you are not ntpd. (ntpq?)
Whether or not they actually adhere to that I do not know.

At the moment it's synced to some other public UK servers and doesn't
have a GPS or any other reason to believe it's unerringly accurate.

So it is stratum 3 or 4?

Grateful for any comments on security, configuration, accuracy or any
other features of note... If it's useful, then please feel free to make
use of it.

Thanks to all who made Chrony possible

Ed W

P.S.  Can we call it chrony 2.0 yet?


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