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On 14/07/2011 12:25, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 07:28:40PM +0100, Ed W wrote:
>> Hi, I have made available a public server with dns name:
>> 	(at some point there will be a matched pair: ntp2.)

> It seems to work well from here. The network delay seems to be a bit
> noisy, I see some spikes over 100ms in the measurements log, but that
> could be the heavily overloaded network line here.

Hmm, the datacenter is a little more laggy (ripple around the 1ms mark)
than say my servers hosted with 1&1 in germany (going away, but ripple
is typically 0.1ms), however, I have no explanation for a 100ms spike...

I will monitor these more closely on some other machines...

I have smokeping setup but it's on the end of my DSL line and obviously
that has waves of lagginess that are hard to isolate from the lags at
the remote end. I ping a bunch of other internet servers so that I can
see if it's general internet lag, but I think it's potentially abusive
to be pumping pings at random internet servers so I try to limit that...

> How do your sources and sourcestats outputs look?

Bah, they are mangled due to a duff logrotate configuration...

> How will you deal with abusive clients? Chrony doesn't have client
> monitoring that would make it easier, you'll probably need some
> iptables magic to detect and block them.

Suggestions appreciated please.  What kind of "abusive" does one see in
real life?

I can setup iptables to do things like limiting packets per minute, but
is that the kind of thing I'm worried about?

> Also, any plans on a web page with some nice rrdtool graphs generated
> from chrony logs? :-)

Hadn't thought of that.  Obviously google is the next thought, but would
you consider sharing the scripts you used to generate some of yours (I'm
sure it was you I saw with some graphs?)

>> P.S.  Can we call it chrony 2.0 yet?
> There are still some features like NTPv4 support or clock combining
> that I think would be good to have before making a major version bump.

OK, so how about 1.3?


Ed W

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