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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 11:47:35AM +0100, Ed W wrote:
> Hmm, the datacenter is a little more laggy (ripple around the 1ms mark)
> than say my servers hosted with 1&1 in germany (going away, but ripple
> is typically 0.1ms), however, I have no explanation for a 100ms spike...

It was probably a problem on my side. It seems to be much better now.

> > How will you deal with abusive clients? Chrony doesn't have client
> > monitoring that would make it easier, you'll probably need some
> > iptables magic to detect and block them.
> Suggestions appreciated please.  What kind of "abusive" does one see in
> real life?

You might get a large number of clients that poll every second or so.

> I can setup iptables to do things like limiting packets per minute, but
> is that the kind of thing I'm worried about?

You might be, I don't know :). Have a look at the pool list archives,
I think there was a thread about this recently.

> > Also, any plans on a web page with some nice rrdtool graphs generated
> > from chrony logs? :-)
> Hadn't thought of that.  Obviously google is the next thought, but would
> you consider sharing the scripts you used to generate some of yours (I'm
> sure it was you I saw with some graphs?)

I use gnuplot to make graphs directly from the tracking log. But
rrdtool is probably better to generate graphs on demand as it would be
needed on a web page. 

> > There are still some features like NTPv4 support or clock combining
> > that I think would be good to have before making a major version bump.
> OK, so how about 1.3?

1.3 is smaller than 1.26.

Miroslav Lichvar

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