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ok, but then lets keep the iso as it is with lets say the name
slitaz-vesa.iso, because its stupid for those who know, how it works
and who have to install a driver which is not on the iso.

I mean, I dont want to contradict you, but with the fbdev driver I got a
picture on all my computers - ok, if I dont know my vesa number in a
wrong resolution, but still a picture where I can easy run tazx and
edit my xorg.conf and restart X

I think we should keep the spirit of slitaz, but for saving our and
the users time and nerves we should think, to provide userfriendly
- like a full X-flavor with all video drivers on board. Maybe this
flavor has more goodies, like UMTS support and preinstalled cups and
it will have then 60 MB, but who cares on a computer with 2 Gigs of Ram

just an idea


Am Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:19:58 +0100
schrieb Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> > Hi all,
> Hi,
> > just a question - would it be better to test RC2 one week just
> > intern, before it is anounced on the website?
> No we need the announcement buzz to catch as many users as possible.
> From our mirror (we dont have stats for others) 4.0-RC1 have been
> downloaded 3871 time ;.)
> > and then perhaps a bug page for RC2 in doc, just to avoid double
> > posts and answers in the forum?
> Hope RC2 will have less bugs than RC1, mainly Xorg, TazPanel login and
> installer.
> > I can test Geode, Via C3, Via Eden (Christophe did you change
> > something?), PII, PIII with intel grafic, Centrino with Radeon +
> > Tridend grafik, Athlon XP with NV7050
> I have done some ISO and testing with the fbdev driver but not
> concluante at all. First we need vga= option at boot to have /dev/fb0
> so it meany users must preselect screen, then it is not an accelerated
> driver and most users want that now with work laptop buttons via FN
> keys, etc.
> Many users also fail to install navive driver, since you have to go in
> text mode, install drivers and reconfigure Xorg via tazx or by hand
> and restart your X session. If Xorg work out-of-the-box we will save
> our time and users time :-)
> On  the size side we already save ~2Mb on core and may be able to have
> a full Xorg ISO at 34-36 Mb.
> > something else - the English Website still
> > links to  but it should be 
> > 
> >
> Not realy since have relnote and
> original scratchbook.
> > Thomas
> - Christophe

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