[vhffs] problem with vhffs and suphp?

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Hi All,

I've noticed that php files uploaded to /htdocs directory by group owner are being run properly, while files uploaded by other group members are not run by web server (error 500).

In the apache sites-error.log I see following error (similar warning in suphp log):
SoftException in Application.cpp:499: Directory /data/web/xx/xx/xx/hostname/htdocs is not owned by php_file_owner

What seems to causing the issue is that /htdocs dir uid is that of vhffs group owner who requested the web area. For some reason suphp has problem with running php files owned by other users and placed in that dir. At first, I suspected that something is wrong with suphp configuration, but after running out of ideas I have found a fix by changing /htdocs uid to root uid. This seems to solve the issue for me, at least for now.

Has anyone else found the same problem or am I missing something in my setup?

I am using Debian Etch, VHFFS 4.1, Apache2.

Kind regards,
Michal Zochowski

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