Re: [vhffs] problem with vhffs and suphp?

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On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 12:02:28AM +0100, Micha?? ??ochowski wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've noticed that php files uploaded to /htdocs directory by group 
> owner are being run properly, while files uploaded by other group 
> members are not run by web server (error 500).
> In the apache sites-error.log I see following error (similar warning 
> in suphp log): SoftException in Application.cpp:499: Directory 
> /data/web/xx/xx/xx/hostname/htdocs is not owned by php_file_owner
> What seems to causing the issue is that /htdocs dir uid is that of 
> vhffs group owner who requested the web area. For some reason suphp 
> has problem with running php files owned by other users and placed in 
> that dir. At first, I suspected that something is wrong with suphp 
> configuration, but after running out of ideas I have found a fix by 
> changing /htdocs uid to root uid. This seems to solve the issue for 
> me, at least for now.
> Has anyone else found the same problem or am I missing something in my 
> setup?

This is not really a problem into VHFFS.

But of course, we had here(at tuxfamily) the same problem, so a patch 
is available:

Kind regards,

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