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Le Sat, 03 Feb 2007 17:44:32 +0100,
Alexandre Ghisoli <alexandre.ghisoli@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Hi there, 
> I've finaly a Gentoo's ebuild running for installing VHFFS. I still
> have some work to make it fully functional (more testin needed).

What ??? You mean that someone outside Tuxfamily uses VHFFS ?!
When I started to work with VHFFS, I was on Gentoo and fixed the
Makefile to have a working make install

> While working on this project, I've see some strange stuff,

And you haven't seen everything ;)

> specificaly perl path related.

You can speak about non path related problem too, we are open :)

> Why not add a 
> use lib "/usr/share/vhffs/api";
> at the start of perl file who need the vhffs libs ?
> In fact, I relly dislike the idea to softlinking modules in perl's
> system modules include.
> Installed Perl modules are the only modules allowed to reside in
> default @INC, and should only be installed by package system.
> In fact, I've a patch that add a %%LIBDIR%% include attached to this
> mail. Then you only need to update this subst string with this shell
> command :
> find PATH_OF_IMAGE -name "*.pl" -exec sed -i
> 's/%%LIBDIR%%/\/usr\/share \/vhffs\/api\//' {} \;
> find PATH_OF_IMAGE/usr/bin -name "vhffs-*" -exec sed -i 's/%%LIBDIR%
> %/\/usr\/share\/vhffs\/api\//' {} \;

Yes you're right...
Can you join #vhffs on so we can speak of this ?

> Also, pay attention that you have to install your api modules in
> /usr/share/vhfss/api/Vhffs/*
> because the way you call it (Vhffs::module)

Yes but for now, as we link it in /some/perl/include/path/Vhffs it does
work :)

> Feel free to comment this suggestion, to keep distributions's package
> mainteners happy :)

If I can add a last thing : if I were you, I would wait for VHFFS 4.1
since you may have some suprises to update you ebuild...

> --Alexandre

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