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On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 01:27:21PM +0200, mudda@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> It is on 50% now.
> Now i have a little more time to translate.
> > I also start to translate the Website,
> > Where should i send the content for the website?
> ^^ what is with the website?

First, sorry for the late answer.

Humm, the website was a full mess of untranslated stuff in all 
languages, with some parts in English as source and not translated to 
others langagues and others parts in French as source and not translated 
to others langagues, and this was the case as long as the multilingual plugin 
was installed.

So, as I was rewriting/updating the documentation for VHFFS 4.3, only in 
English, and that we are clearly not enough to keep many languages in 
sync, I just merged all the pages from all the languages to English, and 
just this merge took... days.

By the way, VHFFS is for system administrators target audience, who must 
at least understand written English (or then they won't do much in their 

BUT ! (Yes, there is always a but), while I consider that VHFFS 
documentation itself doesn't need to be translated due to the fact said 
before, the user documentation of VHFFS absolutely needs to be 
translated and this is, in my opinion, much more useful.

Currently, the VHFFS user documentation is written in the TuxFamily FAQ, 
and the German part[1] is almost fully untranslated ;-)

The VHFFS .po file concerning the de_DE locale is almost fully 
untranslated too. (vhffs-intl/de_DE.po in the VHFFS sources).



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