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as gaivota told on irc, some messages on the game are not translated.

msgid "The current highscore is better than yours"
msgid "Unable to check the replay now ; try later please"
msgid "Can't connect to the room"
msgid "In your replay, you died.\nIt's not acceptable for a highscore !"
msgid "Your high score was successfully received.\nPlease wait now for an administrative check of your replay ;-)"
msgid "Replay analyse failed !"
msgid "Highscore already validated"
msgid "There is currently a better highscore for this level\nwaiting for validation by"

i've updated xmoto (svn 1479) so that now you can now translate them.
However, these strings are not to translate into the xmoto.po of the game.
These strings are send by the web server. Then this is the .po of the website that you must update if you want to see these strings translated. Note that for xmoto (the game) i added a new string which is in english "en_EN". This is the lang you want to dialog with the webserver. To translate it, just see how i name your dir into http://xmoto.tuxfamily.org/locales/
example, for german, the correct translation is "de_DE"
Note that if you want to update (or translate) the .po of the website, you must ask me before to update it because it's not done automatically as it is done for the game.


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