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i attached a tool for translation under windows because i know that some people don't manage to create the .mo from the .po
This tool is very easy to use.

in the xmoto installation dir, you have a directory called locales.
Into it, you've a directory for each lang. For my example, i'll consider the french one. In locales/fr you can find xmoto.mo which is the files containing the french translation.
This file is produced from xmoto.po, the file you sent me.

The tool is simple :
in the zip, you found


* copy these files (bin is a directory) into locales/fr
* copy your .po into this directory and rename it to xmoto.po
* if you click on makeMyTranslation.bat, it will build the xmoto.mo from the xmoto.po, then, you can modify the .po and rerun xmoto to see your translation and fix them if they need. * if you click on showMissingTranslation.bat, it will display you the lines where a translation is missing or fuzzy so that you can fix them.

I hope this tool can help you. I would like that Mikhail if that helps him.


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