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nicolas plz remove me from the dev-mailing list because idk what to do to the messages that seems to be not writed for me.

2007/10/16, nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx <nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx>:
Hey, is it a come back ?
What do you think about xmoto changes since you stopped the project ?
(tod and i are refactoring the code in a branches for 0.4.x to manage states
(GS_PLAYING, GS_MENU, ...) as a better way than switches)


Quoting Rasmus Neckelmann <neckelmann@xxxxxxxxx>:

> On 10/15/07, Ville Lahdenvuo <tuhoojabotti@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
> > ok... but why did you send this message to me not to Erik I'm not Erik I'm
> > tuhoojabotti
> Because you're subscribing to the xmoto dev mailing list :)
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> mvh Rasmus Neckelmann
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> earcar@xxxxxxxxx


Minä olen koodaajan poika ja vielä koodais...

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