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ok... but why did you send this message to me not to Erik I'm not Erik I'm tuhoojabotti

2007/10/14, Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre <nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx >:
I agree with all that. I project to do this, but this is not in the next feature we project.
note that can be used to post this kind of issue.


Erik a écrit :
Hi! I saw the poll on the XMoto website about crappy levels. I have some suggestions that are partially inspired by sites like YouTube. YouTube has many crappy videos too, but they have a system to guide the users to the best videos: The rating system. Here is my suggestions:

1. Make a voting system in the game so that people can vote on each level while they are playing. Each level can have the values "rating" and "popularity" (how many people that have played that level) so that people can sort the levels by these values. If people don't want crappy levels, they can turn on a filter that hides the levels under a chosen rating value.

2. You should be able to view the list of all levels without downloading them, and the game downloads them when you double-click on the level. Therefore you don't need to download the levels with low rating.

3. To rate a level, people have to create a user account. This account will also be used when uploading a new level record, and when uploading a new level. Each user have a profile which can be viewed on the XMoto website or/and in the game. This profile shows which levels he/she has the world record on and which levels he/she has created. Perhaps some other stuff too.

4. Make a comment system so that users can comment the levels. These comments can also be viewed without downloading the level.

I think these suggestions would improve the game. What do you think? You don't need to implement them all at once, but I really want to see the voting system in the game.

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