Re: [xmoto-dev] motor sound bug

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Okay, as you say, but note that it does _not_ work after restart!
Therefore its definetly a bug. The engine sound remains activated, no matter what you choose or how often you restart xmoto.


nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx wrote:
This is bug is not small as you say.
This is not really a bug (just restart the game as many options)

List of things to do for 0.3.0 is closed !
0.3.0 should be out on friday.
Note that 0.3.0 is not the last xmoto version, we have long time after to
add/remove new bugs.


Quoting Jens <mothbox@xxxxxxx>:

Although disabled, the engine sound remains in the game.
Could this small bug be fixed before the release?
(Maybe instead of "engine sound" general "sound FX"?)


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