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Rasmus Neckelmann a écrit :
On 1/6/07, Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre <nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx> wrote:
* what about migrating the project under svn ? Moreover, what about
migrating the project under tuxfamilly with the website, the forum, and
soon the wiki and the website program ?

Instead of sourceforge? (Sourceforge has SVN too)

yep ; i will put my program (for web) on svn on tuxfamily and tell you if that's nice. Rasmus, i fixed an important bug on xmoto-edit (texture having not the same name/filename like blue/blue.jpg didn't work). It would be nice to make a release as fast as possible. I can do it now, but only for unix, i would like a test of compilation be done to be sure.


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