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On 1/10/07, Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre <nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx> wrote:
* ramus,
there is a sound.h
        #if defined(_MSC_VER) /* this works around a bug in SDL_mixer
1.2.7 on Windows */
          SDL_RWops *rwfp;
          rwfp = SDL_RWFromFile(pc, "rb");
          m_pMenuMusic = Mix_LoadMUS_RW(rwfp);
          m_pMenuMusic = Mix_LoadMUS(pc);

it makes two way to play music, is there a one which shoudl be removed ?

Well, I don't know about the new SDL version, the bug might be fixed there.

* ramus, don't forget to package xmoto-edit for windows please when
you'll be back (there is currently less levels, people who install xmoto
0.2.4 disinstall xmoto-edit ;-(

Sure, but I'll probably take some time. Have like a million exams at the moment.

Rasmus Neckelmann

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