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Hi there,

About the sync, RCS files and others.

The primary purpose for this wiki would be to keep our documents in plain text files, but if needed to be able to show them on the web using wiki renderer. Also, we should not rely on the reliability of an external system, such as CVS server, for the wiki to function, it should be used only as a repository (to commit changes) for sharing the content with others and syncing if necessary. Anyways – that's not (storing in a repository) the most important feature of this wiki.

Blog and Comments plugins

They are implemented already, I'm sorry I did not write back earlier. They store everything in the same plain text files, there's nothing specific in the content of these files. The way you distinguish them from regular pages is by the naming schema – they have special prefixes and suffixes. Another way to handle that is if you store them (set by the configuration) in a separate folder. I personally prefer to keep them separated from the main content.


We planned to add zones, it is similar to namespace. Since the wiki does not support files in folders and sub-folders you need some kind of structure for you data – like research work, personal, etc. But zones are not for storing blogs or comments. Zones could be used to implement localization too, i.e. portions of the website that are in another language.

Pugins and modules

Modules and plugins a quite different. While plugins catch evens (called triggers in our wiki) modules implement certain functionality, example: formulas, algorithm, etc. From programming stand point of view they implement different interfaces in the class hierarchy.

Anyways, we created a project of which I will write in another email. I will creatre a mailing list there as well.



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