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Okay, we have our project set up.

It is located at SourceForge: 

Under "wikissme" in the files section we have the latest functional version.

In the "snapshots" section we actually have a copy of the local folder of one of the developers with removed CVS control files and personal information. So it is a working copy of the latest code – just unzip it and it will work. It's not always fully functional though.

In the CVS repository we have the most current version of the code.

Very important for this project is this:

  • We are developing this for the sole purposes of our own organization. It's being developed in accordance with the principals established within that organization.
  • We decided that we should share this project – our experience and our work, with wider audience which we believe is the SourceForge, and not just publish the code of the work as required by the license.
  • We will honor the original license, which is GPLv2, but we are discussing the possibilities to move to the latest GPL – version 3.
  • Any derivatives are very welcome. Any suggestions are welcome too, although we cannot guarantee that we will implement them.
  • We would love to discus our work, good or bad, with anyone.



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