Re: [wikiss-users] So when we'll see English version of WiKiss?

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2008/2/5, Pavel Maryanov <acid_jack@xxxxxxx>:
> Including Accueil.txt, Aide.txt and AideTables.txt files?
Up to now, you can find a pre-version of WiKiss in other languages
(english and german) here :

It's the trunk version with a slightly modified version of Translate
plugin (from Charles-Henri)
This version can be found here :
It comes with Acceuil and Aide (in fact Help) translated in english.
AideTable is translated on the test wiki but not yet included in the
archive (see

So to have a wikiss version in english :
* install WiKiss stable 0.3 or trunk
* install wkp_Translate 0.3 by uncompressing the archive in the wikiss directory
* copy to
your own wikiss install (in pages/en dir)

If you see mistakes in my english translation (I'm far from a natural
speaker :) ) feel free to correct them on the test wiki. The password
is : test



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