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Dear fellows,

welcome to the mailing lists tng-devel and tng-users. The creation of both lists go together with our planned move to the public. Our new website will be located at tng.tuxfamily.org (under construction) and the Git repository will move there in the near future.

This announcement is not yet official in the sense that we still have to port our code from tngmath to tmath, complete doxygen documentation of tmath and move all nightly builds, documentation, etc. from our institute's servers to tuxfamily.org (due to security reasons).

Since there are quite a number of new users and developers to be welcomed this month, the mailing lists will already be open for discussion. Notice:

- New users must subscribe to the mailing lists.
- The membership is public.
- The mailing list archive of tng-users is public on WWW
- The language is English. - tng-users: user discussion, Lua, using TNG in practice
- tng-devel: developers list, Lua + C++

Best regards
Sebastian Wolff

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