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as far as I know I can only use rtems4.8.
With this version I got the GPIOs running by going through similar steps like they are used in the file "~/tool-src/po-hi-c/src/drivers/po_hi_driver_rasta_common.c" inside a TASTE-c-function.

init_pci ();

then I can set the GPIO registers (or read them out).

So at least I know it is possible to use them. But probably all the "init_pci" stuff is already done automatically by taste, but I do not know how to access the data structures.

At the moment I have to initialize everything by hand because I cannot access the following structs (or I do not know how I can do that):

struct gpio_reg *gpio0, *gpio1;
unsigned int bar0, bar1;
amba_confarea_type abus;
struct amba_mmap amba_maps[3];
LEON_Register_Map      *regs = (LEON_Register_Map *)0x80000000;

Summerized: I can access the gpio by initinalizing everything by hand, but I am still stuck with registering Interrupts to the gpios.



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Dear Michael,

Le 17 févr. 2014 à 09:18, Michael.Dumke@xxxxxx a écrit :

> I have a RASTA system running a TASTE application. This application is communicating with an outside machine over Ethernet.
> Now I am thinking of synchronizing both machines over a GPIO pin.
> I would like to throw an interrupt on the RASTA system when the GPIO goes high and trigger a function inside the interface view.
> Does TASTE have an interface to the GPIOs of the RASTA system?

In the current code base, there is no direct support for GPIO, yet we have support for some devices connected to AMBA bus.

I updated the RASTE driver to support RTEMS 4.10.99 (forthcoming RTEMS 4.11 release). I need to check what is the new API for the GPIO.
Do you have a code base that is working for GPIOs? If you have a working example, we may provide some guidance to add GPIO as a new driver.


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