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This might be useful to all TASTE user, as it is a common error.

By default the build-script that is generated by TASTE is using the Ada runtime (Polyorb-HI Ada) - which can run on a set of operating systems (including Linux and some versions of RTEMS). The Ada runtime provides the tasking management, scheduling, resource management (semaphores, etc), and is set to comply to the Ravenscar profile.

However, you have to be careful when you build an application on a target that is using drivers to communicate. 

For example, on the LEON2 processors, when using the Ada runtime on top of RTEMS (you specify this in the deployment view), you have also to select drivers that are compatible with that platform. In particular, there is is no TCP/IP stack implemented in the Ada runtime for the Leon processor.

In that case, do not use the Ada runtime, use the C runtime (add -p to the build script, as explained in the comments of the default script).

This does not prevent your application from being implemented in Ada - it is only related to the middleware and/or RTOS. In any case, the Ada language is supported at application level (user code).

We are currently refactoring our front-end GUIs (Interface, Deployement view editors) to filter incompatible driver/runtime combinations. In the meantime you have to be careful when you build your deployment view...

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Can you please see if you recognise this error:
Incompatible scheduling protocol, PolyORB-HI/Ada runtime assume POSIX_1003_HIGHEST_PRIORITY_FIRST_PROTOCOL

Could it be a wrong specification in the deployment view?

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