[taste-users] Blackbox_device and encoding sizes

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Hi everybody,

I am currently working on a project with a black box device. I noticed that the encoding size for ACN in bytes seem much too big. Or probably it is just the same value as the ACN in bits.

For example in the subdirectory of a black box device the file dataview/dataview-uniq.h contains:

typedef double asn1SccMyReal;

#define asn1SccMyReal_REQUIRED_BYTES_FOR_ENCODING       13 
#define asn1SccMyReal_REQUIRED_BITS_FOR_ENCODING        104
#define asn1SccMyReal_REQUIRED_BYTES_FOR_ACN_ENCODING   104 
#define asn1SccMyReal_REQUIRED_BITS_FOR_ACN_ENCODING    104

Also maybe the XER_ENCODING is wrong.



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