Re: [taste-users] asn1scc/tinyAsn1 and X.509

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Hello Maxime,

Thank you for your quick reply.

On 09/27/2012 02:41 PM, Maxime Perrotin wrote:
> Dear Adrian,
> I checked with the compiler development team. It appears that if you look at the 
> latest version of the ASN.1 standard (which our compiler implements): 
> , you will not find this construct 
> It seems that it was an extension of an old, temporary standard (X208):


> So I would not recommend to use this construct, even if it is supported by some 
> tools.

We will try to change the extracted ASN.1 specification from RFC 5280 to
avoid that particular construct.

> Note that if you are interested in the Ada backend, a newer version of the 
> compiler is available (but not officially released yet as we are still 
> conducting some tests on it) that generates SPARK Ada code for the types, 
> encoders and decoders. It has also more advanced capabilities for supporting 
> legacy encoding formats and automatically generating test cases and documentation.

The Ada/SPARK code generation is the functionality we are interested in.
Is there a way to use or test a pre-release of the newer version of the
asn1scc tool?

> You may be interested in reading the following paper for more information:

I actually found the project via the paper. It sounds interesting and
seems like it is the kind of tool we are looking for.

Best regards,

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