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Thanks very much for the reply.  We find the VM approach much to heavy weight and do not wish to use it.  It essentially puts another machine between our development application and the tools.

I also have Skype and appreciate your offer very much. 

But first just tell me what version of Python you are using?  I will send you an error dump if needed but from looks of it I think the problem is likely Python version related.   Are you using 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 or 3.x?

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On 2/23/12 12:25 AM, "Thanassis Tsiodras" <ttsiodras@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Leonard,

A quick way to fix any dependency issues you have is to download the TASTE VM - a virtual machine based on Debian Linux, that can be executed under VMWARE Player or VirtualBox. It contains all the dependencies necessary for all the TASTE tools (not just the DMT). It is available from here:

Inside it you will find documentation, all the tools, desktop shortcuts, tutorials, FAQs, etc. The link above is always accessible via where you can read some additional information about configuration of the VM (network and proxy settings, etc).

If however, you prefer to create your own build environment - based on CentOS - then we can try to do this, too; but I will need detailed error reports so we can figure out exactly what breaks and why.

1. What (exact) version of CentOS are you using?
2. "The Python does not seem to execute" - can you provide the exact error you are seeing? What tool did you try to run? asn2dataModel? aadl2glueC? What command line arguments did you use?
3. Any version of Mono after 2.8 should work fine - check the CentOS repositories to see if they have a ready-made RPM package. To be honest, I don't have a lot of experience with CentOS - but Googling for "mono centos" I see a number of articles about installing mono, so I am hoping it won't be too much of a problem.

You can also contact me directly over phone (see my signature below) or preferably, Skype (account name: "ttsiodras", voice/instant messages) - I'll be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Kind regards,
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On 23/2/2012 1:17 π�g, Reder, Leonard J (3496) wrote:



I just downloaded your data modeling tools to try out.   The Python does not seem to execute and I suspect I have an earlier version on my machine.   What version of Python do you use to execute these tools and what other Python packages do I need installed?


Also I am running CentOS Linux and would like to execute asn1.exe – can you recommend where I can download a mono executable for running asn1.exe on my Linux.


Thanks for prompt reply,




Leonard J. Reder

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Flight Software Applications

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