Re: Development: bazaar support in Cookutils. Need help

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Cookutils 3.1.3 is installed in cooking and undigest cooker now.

> Two days ago I've added bazaar support to our Cookutils. I need it to cook
> some packages with sources in Launchpad.
> I've tested Cook on my local wok, and it works as expected. So, I've
> pushed changes to Cookutils repo, and recook Cookutils package.
> Now I need it to be installed on, then I can move forth..
> One problem: new Cookutils not auto installed like other packages from
> toolchain, and it need to be installed manually. Please, developers, who
> can do it.
> Some technical background info.
> Cookutils changeset:
> I not deep in bazaar docs and specs, my main goal is only to get sources.
> So, maybe my code is not elegant.
> As I can see, bzr have no version tags (as we have in Hg), we can fetch
> only specified revision (-r parameter) or tip if no revision given. I
> decided to save source tarball always in format repo_name-revision.bz2(or
> lzma). If name of source tarball will be only repo_name.bz2 then we will
> can't recook newer versions, because Cook will always find tarball in src
> with same name.
> So we need to specify revision in BRANCH variable. If we don't know it,
> then we can omit it - Cook asks for latest revision from downloaded repo,
> but it can't do changes in receipt (by design). It only warns.
> Examples of using bzr in receipts:
> (scroll down to 3th and
> 5th diffs).
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