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On Thu, 21 Mar 2013 20:00:22 +0000
tom <kult-ex@xxxxxx> wrote:

> I set up local wok, but I am unable to cook a new kernel
> cooker pkg linux
> here I get the error
> Connecting to (
> wget: not an http or ftp url:
> wget
> Build dependencies to remove: 5 Removing: curl git
> uclibc-cross-compiler-x86_64 wget xz
> ERROR: cook failed
> I think, we have to change to ftp!!!!
> wget
> works fine - I think, it has to be changed also in the linux reciept

Ciao Tom.

Check function that starts at /usr/bin/cook line 177

linux wget url is http so it matches the first case, but the server
redirect your download to an https server, which busybox cannot
so you can fix it by changing http wget url to https or ftp, or by
fixing cook --getsrc .
fixing cook will be better because lot of downoloads are migrating
toward https, but i think that Pascal should do this.


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