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i've started making receipts for missing gnome-libs, but sadly i ended
with absolutely _no time_ to complete the project;
So here is the link of a gzipped tar containing what I've done; there
are some receipts just 'sketched' (for example at-spi*); others
complete but need fixes, etc; then, all receipts _need_ post install
functions (such as glib-compile-schemas).
With little command line (glib-compile-schemas) i've obtained a basic
gnome 2.32 shell working (gnome-session, gnome-panel, metacity,
gnome-control-center), so i hope these packages may be of some help.

There are also some receipts modified from the wok / wok-undigest
(libgnome, etc).

I followed the package list in and, which
contains the latest GNOME releas prior to 3.0 (except for eel, which
be deprecated but is included; maybe can be removed).

Here the link:


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