New kernel in my wok-tank cooking

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I update my kernel yesterday to I added linux-patch receipt to just download the security patch. This also helps in that we just have the base kernel 2.6.38 source and we can keep updating kernel without much trouble.

One problem i didn't fix yet is for every minor update we will have to rebuild all the 3rd party modules. We can fix this but this means that uname -a will always print out in 2.6.38-slitaz format instead of 2.6.38.x-slitaz. Maybe best to do it the arch way i think so we don't have to rebuild every 3rd party module for every kernel security update. Just saying it will make the update a bit easier for users too since modules shouldn't break if there still using a older 2.6.38.x version.

The kernel and linux-api-headers updates:

linux-patch so get source options works in both tazwok and cook:

aufs update: (I had to reverse the $kvers variable in this receipt since i have not updated tazwok version yet.)

I didn't update freeinitrd or unlzma patches. I don't know if my kernel will work with official slitaz but at least i does work with my slitaz-modular project for testing right now. If you can send me updated patches for these i will see if it works right.

I hope this helps.

PS If we do the 2.6.38-slitaz type format i perfer that we don't use the version number in linux-api-headers. Only cause we can at least update the kernel for security reasons without rebuilding everything. Also the all kernel version should be based on linux version not linux-api-headers. Thats how all 3rd party modules are sed anyway. Just makes better sense when updating minor patch version anyway.

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