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I found out my problem with lxpanel. I forgot to compile slitaz-configs-base package.

Also i think you may have broke mesa or something with opengl. I thought at first it was my kernel update. But even when you use only slitaz offical packages the problem is still there. Opengl will not work and moving windows and resizing them is slow. I don't know the problem is since we cross compile and use cflags -Os on top of it. I'm using a ati 4200 hd igp. It worked fine before with tazwok builds.

cookutils news:

I added a AUTO_DEP opiton into my-cookutils repo so I can at least try to rebuild mesa/xorg-server in the right order. I did add support to disable AUTO_DEP in COOK_OPT when you ade !auto_dep to it so you can disable it in receipts that don't need this. When AUTO_DEP is not used it will use your normal code for building cook order. This is still early days and it will still need to test if this works still.

cooker: Add !auto_dep support for COOK_OPT. Now we don't have to install all depends if we don't want to.

Here are some more commits related to this in my repo.

I hope this helps.

PS If i can compile mesa/xorg-server right with opengl you may need my-cookutils to be in cookutils. But if that happens you can just keep it in testing branch until you can understand and the code.

On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 11:10 AM, Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you for fixing a typo and all the help I have for managing 4.0 RC.

- Christophe

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