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Hi all,

In SliTaz early versions we only had and used a X server called Xvesa
that is a small and generic server but with limited functions. Last
year Xvesa was dropped upstream by he Xorg developpers and I removed
Xvesa packages and falvor from SliTaz.

But in some can Xorg dont work or is too resource intensive so we need
a TinyX server again and here it is: xorg-server-Xfbdev

Xfbev is a framebuffer X server, it means SliTaz MUST be started with
the boot option vga= and as with Xvesa, it dont use a config files and
all settings must be done in arguments we starting the server, ex:

Xfbdev -ac -mouse mouse -keybd keyboard

I writting here since help is needed if we want a Xfbdev flavor in
SliTaz because I can't make the keybord work!!! Tried many options, all
drivers, but nothing. Mouse work as well a secreen resolution if the
correct vga= option is used. To help trying Xfbdev I done a small iso
taht boot in text mode, use 'startx' and ~/.xsession to start Xfbdev,
it as nano and vi to edit .xsession and try differents options. If some
one want to help here the 15Mb iso:


- Christophe

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