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Hi Allan,

> ok, cooked the package, and copied the template directory from the
> source to /usr/share/squid/errors
> after it gave a missing access.log in /var/logs , again touched and
> chmodded  and squid is working now.

Hum... I looked also to the receipt, we also dont copy the init script
since stuff is not set to $stuff. On the /var/logs and access.log
side, /var/logs is not a FSH directory and we sed squid config to
use /var/log/squid, also the directory permission is set in

chown nobody.nogroup $root/var/cache/squid $root/var/log/squid

We might have to look to /etc/squid/squid.conf to fix that.

> > Also i was taking a look at cook, if i run a cook test and then try
> > to clone a wok , it refuses saying wok is not empty, so the i
> > manually rm -rf cooktest and now it is currently cloning, is this
> > the correct behaviour?

Yes it is, I hesitae to do a rm -rf on wok before cloning, but say you
forgot you have already a wok with new receipts, you may lost your
work, maybe a mv wok wok.bak and then clone ?

- Christophe

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