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How much space would Chromium take up? If not too much, it seems like
a viable speedy browser that may be smaller than Firefox.

2011/2/8 Fred J. Stephens <fjs205@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I think Midori fits the lightweight design of Slitaz.
> If only it wouldn't lock up all the time! Accidentally dragging an
> image for instance will cause it to lock up on my system, or it did
> the last time I tried it (and every time previously).
> Firefox is WAY too heavy for this old 600Mhz, 256MB Thinkpad.
> My other use for Slitaz is as an option on a rescue CD that loads into
> RAM so the CD-RW drive can be used to save data. In this case Firefox
> takes up way too much space.
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