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Hi all,

So we finally got a new bootstraped toolchain working on Tank and the
Build Bot is currently working to cook all packages. From yesteday
evening we build: 570 packages. I builded all base packages at first to
be able to make ISO images as soon as possible, see below.

All packages are build with the last tazwok, in minimal and clean chroot
environment. Build process can be followed on the Build Bot web
interface: http://bb.slitaz.org/

For those who wants to test packages, you can use this repo from my
people account on Tank (a link to all freshly builded package in
incomming): http://people.slitaz.org/~pankso/packages/

I also generated a base flavor ISO (no X desktop) for testing and for
contributors who wants to help with new tazwok and packages:

If you install it, first thing you have to do is change default tazpkg
mirror url:

# tazpkg setup-mirror http://people.slitaz.org/~pankso/packages/

After that you should be able to install Mercurial, clone the wok
into /home/slitaz/cooking/wok and run:

# tazwok chroot
# tazwok cook pkgname

- Christophe

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