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Hi GoKhlaYeh,

I can't accept to endorse problem I didn't create ! When yo run rm -r
on a dir with mounted dir into it, it erases all. rm -r **IS**
dangerous, it's in all GNU/Linux manuals, and everybody using shell
experimented this at least one time... We created this sandbox manually
and we don't have any clue about why it stopped to works. My
scripts where not used to manage it, so how can you say it's their
fault ???

Yes. We success to create this sandbox and run tazwok cook-toolchain
into it two days ago. A bug in the last release prevented to run the
cook-toolchain until end, so I fixed it and as I tell you I builded a
toolchain successfully with this fix; and now you want to let fall
all we did to make it works and use it in a way nobody tried... Are you
gonna to tell it's my bad if it didn't works then ? (ok, it's ironic,
I'm sure that no)
So my suggestion is getting back this sandbox, cook the toolchain as
planned, cook packages we need to make iso and release them, then cook
the whole repository :)

GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

Please don't take these things personally. Just try to put yourself in the shoes of Christophe and all of us. You have made BIG changes without making sure that these are backward compatible. Its bound to upset everyone especially when 4.0 is around the corner. We all appreciate your hard work and would like to fix the issues asap and move to this new version of tazwok/tazbb..

But, right now, you are trying to solve everything yourself and its difficult for other SliTaz developers to help you out as all of us are feeling handicapped. What we have always done is to  harness each other's potential to improve the tools. All you need to do is to write a simple script so that we can easily install and run your new tazwok-experimental system with few commands on our computers. I am sure that's not difficult. That's what Christophe is asking.

Just think about it. This is a good learning lesson for you as well (as it is for all of us).   Keep up the good work though.



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