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Hi all --

I read an article yesterday that asked where the "Summer of 
Documentation" was (1). As if mind-reading, @jpeg recently posted (2) 
that the hand / cook book hasn't really been brought up-to-date with 
the release of v3. I propose we organise a period of time this summer, 
say a fortnight, where a group of us focus on the SliTaz documentation 
to ensure it is of as high quality as the distro itself. This sprint 
can be done be the community, without needing developers to track 
issues and bug-fixes raised, as is the case in providing support on the 

I reckon we can get the ball rolling by identifying the most 
important, or most visible, pages to update first, as suggested by 
@jpeg. Things like Xorg & hardware set-up spring immediately to mind, 
as they've changed dramatically recently with kernel & software 
updates. Those will probably need a bit more work than others that 
call only for reading and checking. A 'junior jobs' list could be 
created to encourage time-constrained/newer users to contribute. A 
"this page has been confirmed correct!" box at the head of each page 
could it has been reviewed. 

We could follow this by expanding on the testing process, as discussed 
a little while ago. Hopefully issues may be identified though the docs 
sprint and make drafting a testing process easier. It could be argued 
that guides should be tested by a few users rather than the process of 
one; utilities or extra software may be present on the author's 
computer but not by default etc. etc.. v4 would then see a tested 
package process and clean, confirmed docs.

What do you guys think?


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Ben Arnold
Chester, UK

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