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Hi Ben,

+1 for the idea. Yeah, get the ball rolling before the world cup fever
grips everyone :-)


On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Ben Arnold <iamseawolf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all --
> I read an article yesterday that asked where the "Summer of
> Documentation" was (1). As if mind-reading, @jpeg recently posted (2)
> that the hand / cook book hasn't really been brought up-to-date with
> the release of v3. I propose we organise a period of time this summer,
> say a fortnight, where a group of us focus on the SliTaz documentation
> to ensure it is of as high quality as the distro itself. This sprint
> can be done be the community, without needing developers to track
> issues and bug-fixes raised, as is the case in providing support on the
> forum.
> I reckon we can get the ball rolling by identifying the most
> important, or most visible, pages to update first, as suggested by
> @jpeg. Things like Xorg & hardware set-up spring immediately to mind,
> as they've changed dramatically recently with kernel & software
> updates. Those will probably need a bit more work than others that
> call only for reading and checking. A 'junior jobs' list could be
> created to encourage time-constrained/newer users to contribute. A
> "this page has been confirmed correct!" box at the head of each page
> could it has been reviewed.
> We could follow this by expanding on the testing process, as discussed
> a little while ago. Hopefully issues may be identified though the docs
> sprint and make drafting a testing process easier. It could be argued
> that guides should be tested by a few users rather than the process of
> one; utilities or extra software may be present on the author's
> computer but not by default etc. etc.. v4 would then see a tested
> package process and clean, confirmed docs.
> What do you guys think?
> Ben
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