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About chroot : I had started to code a new version of my script for chroot.
Actually, I do the migration of the french handbook then I will finish that
script, I hope until the end of week. Features of this scripts :

- Totaly customizable :
	* The configuration is in a config file ; you can create several config
files as tazwok to create several differents chroots.
	* Rules for mount/umount and create chroot are in separate files
	* There's a folder for customs scripts; they can be executed in the chroot
by typing "tazchroot [custom_script]" - i.e. tazchroot clean_chroot to
clean before check build_depends

- Simple : tazchroot to mount chroot ; tazchroot [command] enter in chroot,
execute the command and leave the chroot

- Transparent support for other apps : You can configure some apps to run
automatically in the chroot. i.e. : if you use "tazchroot add-alias
tazwok", tazwok will now always run in chroot (as if you type "tazchroot
tazwok [arguments]"). The /home/slitaz is mounted in chroot so the behavior
will be the same as normal session.

About the pkglist and cooking : I need an access to undigest-wok to push
some recipes. I also need an access to the wiki because actually I can't
modify the pkglist. Can someone give me that ?
The packages that I will add :

- ufraw
- exiftool
- fotoxx updated
- printoxx updated
- lxterminal
- macchanger
- pinentry (depends of gpg2 and gpgme)
- unrar-free
- b&w gtk theme for e17

What are you thinking about adding some firefox add-ons in the repo (they
will install in the system and not in user-config) ? It can be usefull to
make easily liveCD/USB with adblock or noscript. There's a list of free
add-ons and their licences here :

Is someone using plugger ? It's an alternative to gecko-mediaplayer. The
webpage : I will test it when
I will have the time.

Later I will add some extra modules for e17 (when I start the flavor
project) and some others apps I need. I will help to packages others apps
in the list.

Have a good day
Go Khla Yeh

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