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Here's a quick edit.

Feel free to edit, modify, etc.


Christophe Lincoln wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a first draft for 3.0 website/press announce. Feel free to fix
typo and improve the text.

If someone want to write a shorter and a bit different announce for
Distrowatch, he would save me some precious time!

- Christophe

All of the SliTaz team are proud to announce the release of the SliTaz 
GNU/Linux 3.0 operating system. Its simpler, faster, customizable, 
mightier and yet incredibly tiny. The new SliTaz stable version is now 
out after one year of development.

The core desktop provides a fully featured desktop powered by Xorg 7.4, 
Openbox, LXDE components and home made tools. It lets you easily connect to the
Internet to surf the web with the Midori web browser, listen to music or 
manage your pictures.

The default core system fits into a 30 MB ISO image and LiveCD flavors start at 8 MB.
This new version has been built by a new toolchain including GCC 4.4.1 and uses
the Linux kernel You can read the full 
<a href="doc/releases/3.0/relnotes.en.html">Releases Notes</a> for more
information and <a href="get/#stable>">download</a> a LiveCD image from the
SliTaz mirrors.

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