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Hi all,

This work extends the tazhw tool to make setting up devices like
printer or scanner easier. Please help to test it. More details:

First, you must have an upgraded system (atleast udev). Then, simply
install the package and open the tazhw box. Click on a device and
follow the prompts.
OR simply type "tazhw setup [device]". More details here:

If you are "lucky" :-), everything would be set for you automatically.
I, sincerely, hope you are lucky.

If it fails, report back :-). Also, make sure that tazhw detects your
module correctly else upgrade your system. Pascal corrected the
"depmod" error yesterday. Many related packages have also been

Due to the limited hardware device I have, I have not tested 3g-modem
and ati graphic card. If you do have this, please test them and report

Please feel free to edit the script (hwsetup) if you find bugs or if
you have experience in setting up devices in SliTaz.

Enjoy the weekend...


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