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Hi all,
Please note that english is not my maternal langage :)
I use Slitaz since near a year and I find it's a great distro. You're
developpement team rocks !

I play with Slitaz packages and developpement tools since few months and I
want to contribute for the 3.0 release. I have some piece of code and
recipes on fire, so I want to tell you what I'm cooking and when it will be
ready (approximatively). I've make all this stuff for my own usage, so you
can do what you want with it. 

What I will sending here in the two of three next weeks (I work on
dependies, do some tests and make easy-to-use patch with mercurial) :

- Recipe for lxterminal. It's on the forum since few weeks but I will add a
patch for correct french traduction
- Recipes & stuff for fotoxx and printoxx up to date, with the suggested
packages (exiftool and ufraw, wich permit to have raw-files support on
Slitaz). All is working I actually check builds_depends and depends.
- Recipes for linux-libre kernel. (It's the linux kernel without non-free
pieces of code, see :; note that
I've compile the right version, well packaged, for Slitaz : I must do some tests right now, but I think it can be
added to the repoes because it integrate fine with the provide mecanism of
the recipes and currently it's working well on my pc. There's some issues
because some tools wich refers to linux must be hacked to handle the
possibility of having linux-libre installed. It's a lot of work and I will
do my best to integrate it in the mainline repo if you're interested. I
will send this stuff when all theses I find where fixed, then I will need
some helps for test if all is ok. Have a 100% libre flavor will be a great
idea in my opinion :)
- With it I will send somes fixes for linux* recipes, i've found some bugs
and we can't cook them now because it try to use the a new version of aufs,
wich seems to be a bad idea (because it not cook the same kernel as the one
- Maybe some tools for a libre flavor like unrar and a wrapper for
xarchive, a free flash player if I have the time..
- A daemon file for tor wich handle iptable if installed (only permit
network trafic for tor user to avoid dns or others leaks). It already
works. I've also a simple iptable config wich can be used as default for
- Maybe a package to install tor, privoxy and a firefox profile with
torbutton, noscript and somes bookmarks well configured.
- A desktop file wich add the install-package option in contextual menu of
file navigator (pcmanfm). Actually it works (in fact it's very simple) but
I need to know how to keep the term open until the user type enter.
- It would be great to have a desktop file for add "burn iso" and "burn
audio cd" in contextual menus too. I'm not working on that right now but I
would if nobody does.
- Some various fix. The most important are a fix for tazwok wich don't
correctly handle the SOURCE variable of the WANTED package and don't have a
correct time gestion with tazwok cmp --cook (have you the same problem ? it
interest me to know that). I've also a fix for exiting correclty the chroot
with tazdev wich can interest you.
- An E17 justX flavor with B&W gtk theme included and some initial
configuration. Here I need to know how I can create an icon theme wich
perfectly mach with Slitaz. Please help me if you know how do that with a
simple method (perhaps icon-naming-util ?).
- New recipes to make gpg work correclty. Most bugs can be solved by using
pinentry (on gpg ftp). Slitaz use gpg2 (unstable) wich need pinentry to
work. pinentry is a tool to enter passphrase of gpg keys. It can be compile
in ncurse for the command-line gpg tool and in gtk2 for the various gui
needs (GPA, GPGME with claws mail or sylpheed, etc). But there are some
other problems, because gpg2 is in developpment. I try to solve that and to
use the latest version of gpa (the gpa in Slitaz is few year old). In worst
case, all would be solved by using gpg1 (stable version).

As you can see there's a lot of stuff. I'm not well organised and most
things need to be reviewed and cleaned. If you're in the development team,
please tell me what's the most interesting things for you and I will work
on them first.

I'm currently coding a little tool (tazhack) for maintain my hacks up to
date. It use tazwok and mercurial to isolate some recipes in an alternate
wok/repo and hack them, keep them up to date with mainline changes, cook
them in a chroot and export change with mercurial for send you well-builded
patch and save you're time ;)
It will help me to re-organize all my hacks. I think I can start to use it
to send you my stuff the next week, then I will send you all thing in
separate mail during the next few weeks. I will give you news and code
about tazhack when it will in a more mature step of development and can be
usefull for dev and users. I hope I can make it works as expected.

I hope that a part of all this stuff will be usefull for you.

Go Khla Yeh

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