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I will keep that in mind next time.
I was on a work computer and guess what OS they use...hehe ;)

2009/1/4 Sygne <sygne@xxxxxxxxx>
"Adam Jennings" <agjennings@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I only had time to do the wifi and the netbox one.  I will try to work on
> the others if I get a chance. (Have homework to do)
> Adam

Thanks a lot!
I had to re-write the html part of these english pages, because your
html editor changed them. I think it should be easier that you directly
edit the html page (in plain text, with a simple editor).

I've also edit the meta "content-type" and "edit" that I forgot to edit
in the french version.

So, here are:
 * en/wifi.html
 * en/netbox.html
 * fr/wifi.html
 * fr/netbox.html
 * fr/get-wifi-firmware.html
 * fr/wifi-hard.html
 * fr/network.html

Are they able to appear in the handbook?
If so, can someone push them, as I haven't write access to the handbook

Thanks a lot!

Pierre-Jean - Sygne.

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