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I only had time to do the wifi and the netbox one.  I will try to work on the others if I get a chance. (Have homework to do)

2009/1/2 <sygne@xxxxxxxxx>

Voici 5 pages sur le wifi et les réseaux canditates pour compléter le
livre de main de SliTaz:
 * wifi.html: pré-requis à l'installation du wifi.
 * netbox.html: courte explication de l'utilisation de netbox pour le wifi..
 * get-wifi-firmware: comment utiliser get-wifi-firmware.
 * wifi_hard.html: Installation pas à pas du wifi, en ligne de commande.
 * network.html: Utilisation et configuration de /etc/init.d/

Certains liens pointent vers ndiswrapper.html, que je ne connais pas
suffisamment pour pouvoir le documenter.

Elles sont en utf-8, et valides xhtml-1.0

Si ces pages conviennent à l'esprit de la documentation de SliTaz, je
m'attelle de suite à leur traduction en anglais.

Bonne année à tous!


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Title: About this document

About this document


This document explains the required steps for wifi configuration in SliTaz GNU/Linux.

In the best case, a few minutes are required for activating the wifi in SliTaz. Depending on your equipment, the task may be more difficult. We suggest several tutorials, ranging from simple to difficult. There are several ways to install wifi in SliTaz:


For wifi cards natively recognized by Linux:

For other cards that require the use of windows drivers, use NDISwrapper.

If you want to configure a general of networks under SLiTaz, follow the documentation in /etc/init.d/




To use WiFi, some software is needed but is not provided by default in the live-cd of SliTaz. This means that you should connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, or use the wifi flavor of live-cd. Most commands from a shell need administrative rights (root).

In LiveCD mode, you can become root with the su command followed by the root password. Finally, verify that your SliTaz is updated:


# tazpkg recharge

# tazpkg upgrade


Determining Hardware


Some terminal commands can list the hardware installed on the computer. This is useful for identifying the wireless card. If the card is connected by usb, use the lsusb tool available in the package usbutils type:


# tazpkg-get install usbutils

$ lsusb


Otherwise, type:


$ lspci | grep-i network


This returns a line like:


02:02.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO / Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (rev 04)


This yields information on the wireless card:


  • The manufacturer of the wireless card: Intel Corporation.
  • The model of the card: Pro / Wireless LAN 2100 3B.
  • The chipset of the card: IPW 2100 (Intel Pro Wireless 2100).
  • Interface: Mini PCI.


Determining the module for the card


The SliTaz kernel loads fewer modules than some of the larger distros.  Software parts, including those that recognize the wifi card are not installed by default, but need to be loaded by the user.  This is called a module.

The module itself does not, by itself, make the wireless card usable. You also need firmware. Firmware for wifi cards is not always FOSS. If the firmware is not FOSS, it cannot to be distributed in the same manner that the other programs SliTaz. One must get them on the site of the manufacturer, and place them in the folder /lib /firmware. We will see that SliTaz provides programs that automate the handling.


With the information obtained from the card, we can find the module on the Internet, including the name and website where get the firmware. Here are some useful links:


  • Linux Wirelesss LAN support (website tries to compile a complete list of drivers and firmware for linux).
  • Doing a search in Google with the name of the wireless card + modprobe or linux.
  • Finally, if all these solutions yield nothing, ask for help on the SliTaz forums.


So we learn that the Intel Corporation PRO / Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter works with the ipw2100 module and the firmware is available


Note that for some cards, there is no kernel module to use in Linux.  For these cards, it is necessary to use NDISwrapper, this software allows Linux to use the card from the firmware used windows. If your card falls into this category, use this documentation.




You can now proceed to software installation required to setup wifi, the module and firmware, configure your connection to access and surf, the following documents:


Title: About this document

About this document

This document explains how to configure wifi cards graphicallyinn SliTaz GNU/Linux with netbox.
Depending on your equipment,
netbox might fail to configure your wifi. If so, no need to worry, other installation methods exist from command line, some more and some less complex:


Above all, you need to know your wifi hardware. We therefore advise you to view this documentation explaining the describing how to install the wifi card.

Launching netbox

Netbox is usable only by root. You can start netbox, either from the menu of the taskbar: "System Tools," then "Netbox, Configure the network", or command line:

$ su --
# setbox

In both cases, the default password is "root".

Using netbox


  • Start by going into tab wifi of netbox, and click Install to install the necessary programs needed by the wifi.
  • After the coupling of netbox, go to the tab Interface of tab wifi, and configure it. If you have a question on one of the data are to insert, see the settings in /etc/network.conf because the parameters that are the same programs. Click Record to save them.
  • Go now in the tab Kernel Modules of the "wifi", and install the firmware for your card. The firmware is downloaded, loaded, and installed. The kernel module is loaded, the wifi is configured, and then launched.
  • Normally, you can surf!


When it does not work, see the repairing installation options of wifi in SliTaz before asking for help on the forum.


For these changes are taken into account in determining coupling of SliTaz, add the kernel module your card needs at the LOAD_MODULES /etc/rcS.conf:

# geany /etc/rcS.conf

LOAD_MODULES = "vfat nls_utf8 ohci_hcd mon_module"

if you want to set up multiple points of access, follow documentation devoted to networking under SliTaz.

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